First show announcement

Our first show has been booked for Saturday 19th April at the Tote in Melbourne. This show is part of the When Terror Unites festival, other bands playing are Altars, Impetuous Ritual, Destruktor, and several others. It will be a 30 minute set of mainly new material and will be performed as a four piece, adding a bass player and drummer to the lineup.

1st show flyer

The Null Factor Law – Free Download

“The Null Factor Law” is now a free download at Bandcamp.

We are working on new material at the moment, and are planning an early 2012 release. Later this year we are hoping to do some shirts. Email me or leave a message on Facebook if you want something specific on a shirt, we haven’t decided on any designs as of yet.

New Package Deals

I have updated the shop page on our website. You can now buy any 2 albums for $15 (Aussie residents) or $20 for worldwide.

Or you can buy all 3 albums for $20 (Aussie residents) or $25 worldwide.

We start rehearsals again soon for some new riffs and ideas I have had for the last few months. Its all been on hold until we finished Apocryphal Dirge.