Recording Update

Its been awhile since I gave an update, so here is the latest.

Demo’s for the new album were recorded mid 2008, so we spent the last half of the year rehearsing (occasionally) and making minor adjustments. I began recording late last year and as of last week the drums, bass and rhythm guitars are pretty much done. I will continue working on the other bits and pieces while Chris gets to work on the vokills.

It will be a self titled album, tentative track list is:

The Vehemence Of Self Denial
Fading Light Of Bodies Departing
Shores Of Ephemeris

Chris also finished the debut Pervertum Obscurum album a few months back, so any interested labels should contact Chris directly on his Myspace page. Killer old school Death Metal! He is also currently working on a new Sanguineous EP which should be fucking insanely heavy if the demo tracks I have heard are anything to go by.

The Nihilistic Front website has been revamped to prepare for the new album, so check it out here While you are there, buy some CD’s!

I have already started working on some new material for another EP, but after that I will be taking a break for family reasons. During the downtime I will be working on another project which will be largely instrumental/digital based.


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